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I don't like to call kids stupid, but they were stupid kids

It's been a busy time so apologies for lack of blog but...I'M BACK!!! Wow, where should I start? Okay so the interview for Colourful Radio was very fun. They were so enthusiastic and welcoming. Was frightened I was going to miss it because I got a taxi there as I know I get lost going up the road but did the taxi driver not get lost! I can't be late for live radio for goodness sake. But praise JC cause we made it on time and the interview was fab. Co-Star Arts first term is going amazing, so much better than I thought it would go but we have some real talent and more people coming every week. We even made a profit which is a shocker and I have more dance work in general. It's funny every class I teach, the head of the company always wants me to make them a performance group loool. I guess I just need to accept that I am good at training kids rather than fight it. Luckily for me, most groups are amazing but one class it literally took them 15 minutes to get into