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"You Ain't Got The Answer, Sway!"

Hey all! First blog of 2016. Holla!! Let's start of by saying it is a brand new year guys! We made it!!! So let this year be the best one EVER. I have met so many Scrooges already this year and I'm like don't kill my vibe. I am on going to the next level and it's fine if no-one else wants too, just don't rain on my parade because the parade is nice. Sooooo I have started a vlog! Yay! Basically my friends were like, you should start one. They're so popular and you do blogs so just do the same thing on video. I was a bit unsure because I associate vlogs with beauty, hair and fitness. I was thinking what can I talk about out but tbh I'll talk about whatever! I mean, that's what I do here and I get hits, so I guess people like my random crap. My first one is about self & traditionally published books. Of course Fergie had to get involved and tried to kick me on camera lool. Have a look and subscribe and like on link below. I filmed on my mac because