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2012 is the year where you'll know my NAME!

I know, I know. Saying I've been busy is no excuse for not writing in this blog but trust me I have been. So the good news. I went to New York which was fun for Chelsea (fellow bloggers) bday. We were so lucky that we had missed the snow and got loads of sun in November. Got to see the Statue of Liberty, up close, Times Square, 5th Avenue, went up the Empire State Building and of course the International House of Pancakes! I thought it would resemble the Hard Rock Cafe but the look is very laid back, the portions are not. The shopping side wasn't brill because their tax is so high it's not worth it and don't even let me get started on the street numbers and avenues. Confused! Me and Chels walked everywhere just because it was so confusing. I had a six pack when I got home. One of the highlights of the hol was definitely the musicians on the subway who were so lost in their music they kept forgetting that they weren't in Madison Square Gardens (We went there, I brief