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My amazing bday weekend!!! YAY!!!

Sorry, it has been a while but I was inspired to write this blog because of my great bday! Went with Chelsea (fellow blogger) to Alton Towers to celebrate my 23rd and it was BRILLIANT!!! Went on all the greats - Air, Nemesis, Rita, Thirteen. This one was the shocker because we just had this little bar over our laps so I assumed it wouldn't be anything great. Plus, Chelsea pointed out that we actually couldn't see the ride because it was hidden behind Rita. So the ride starts and I think ok, then it goes up and drops down this steep drop. The type of drops that gets your stomach in your throat. Then we went through these double doors and we were in complete darkness facing a knight in armour before the ride just dropped down a level and then we went backwards in the dark. I was screaming “Get me off!” Had to get a pic of Rita because our faces when that ride shot off was classic. I avoided Oblivion because I believe that ride is the Devil. If you find yourselves in Alton Towe