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'I thought Django Unchained was a concert...'

I exercised literally from 11am-8pm, finishing off with Leanne's killer Zumba session. I didn't even know they did sit ups in Zumba let alone 150 of them. I limped unattractively to the bus stop. The problem with me is I get bored very easily. I don't know why that is but after a while I just tune out and when I'm bored, I usually do something very silly that I regret later. Sooo my plan is to fill my days with something, ANYTHING! So that my brain is constantly focused on something. I think that's why I have that weird fear of marriage. I just think forever is a long time and what if I get bored of being married? Guys think that girls dream of their wedding day to the T. I don't. I've never thought about a dress, colour scheme. In fact I'm the girl who has nightmares that I get proposed to and I don't say anything. My other nightmare is that it's my dress rehearsal for the wedding and I run away and no-one can find me and everyone is pissed at

The Rain Room

               Everyone completely flopped me with the NYE party. I was told 'Come to this one, it's gonna be live.' New Years Eve comes round 'Oh it's cancelled.' 'I'm sick.' All I wanted was a Project X style party to go crazy on the roof. Is that really too much to ask? Wished that Rosa was about cause she can smell a party but she's preggerz in Wales so that wouldn't be very appropriate. Decided to go to my mate's party on my road, so I figured let me go home, eat, change then go. Was on the bus and there was this couple not really kissing but their lips were just connected when they got on the bus. They had to come on sideways to keep their lips together. It was super weird. I dunno if it was a dare but for the whole journey their lips were touching but they weren't kissing. The girl looked embarrassed, which is a bit silly because she could just move her head and voila their lips wouldn't touch anymore. She tried to hide her