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I'm like darling I'm at the palace, I can't talk to you.”

I did it guys. I spoke to 200 kids at The Stoke Newington Literary Festival!!! My first lit fest. I was so nervous. I honestly felt like I couldn't do it and then Kate was talking about a mic and a stage and I was like what??!! But it was in their assembly hall and then I realised they're kids! I am with kids every single day. This is nothing and do you know what? I had so much fun that I wished I could have done it again. The kids were so imaginative and engaged and even knew about Dragon Ball Z (can you believe it?) and it was so cool seeing them buy copies of my book. I tried to go a group selfie, which was an epic fail because the camera didn't take the pic and all the kids just rushed forward, so in the end I did a video shot but then we found out the parents hadn't signed permission for it to be posted! Kate kept complementing me on my crowd control. All them dance classes have paid off. I also met this lovely author called Gareth P. Jones and I was telling him ab