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Let's just say the boos were true!

I wrote and posted a blog and something must have gone wrong because it says it doesn't exist! Oh dear Had the best time at the Literally PR Media Party in Chelsea. I was so nervous because I had to give a speech but it amazingly came out good! Met some fab people and made great contacts. All night I was looking out for Bloomsbury Publishing and when I was talking to this journalist, Aleta was talking to Bloomsbury! During the 2nd round of speeches, Aleta was waving around this piece of paper, giggling like a loon and giving me these mysterious looks. I thought she was just drunk! Turns out Bloomsbury came to my table and asked for more details and she got an email address for the senior editor! Slam dunk!!! It's so interesting that I keep bumping into HarperCollins and Bloomsbury Publishing, it feels like I get so close and yet not quite there but I have good feeling about this. Something fab is going to happen soon. During my speech, I mentioned 'Rose' and every