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I'm from Hackney, it takes a lot to intimidate me

Can you believe we are in March? Usually, I would think where is the time gone, but I actually feel like I have done a million things and it's only March! Counting down the days till August, when I am far away from London Town. I do love setting up a publishing house, but goodness there is so much to it that I didn't even think about and everything seems to take forever! Do you know what it is? I think it's cause I don't like relying on people for things, I just like to get things done so when Royal Mail turns around and says it will take over a week to sort out a PO Box, it just makes me so irritated! I want to get this ball moving asap. I had a great convo with Stoke Newington Lit Festival and I am officially booked in for a day in May with....200 kids! Lord have mercy! I have a rough idea of what I want to do and have been quizzing kids off different ages to see if it's fun lool. I think once it's more planned, it will go down really well. This is literal