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2019. Well where do I start?

Happy New Year! I felt like the heatwave went on forever and then suddenly we're at New Years Eve. This year has been full of surprises -  good and bad but God is so good that all the bad ended up working in my favour. I feel like last year taught me loads about myself but this year taught me about business.  I have hired and fired, I have a lawsuit against someone, Hashtag Press turned two but with that came lots of bumps that had me and Helen like WTF?! But we overcame it all. Emily Knight I am...Awakened literally blew my mind with the awards - Carnegie, London's Big Read, The People's Book Prize. I got nominated for a Black British Business Award. I didn't end up signing Beats with any of the publishing houses. If it's not a big house it makes no sense for me to sign as I have my own one. I started on a new fantasy series that I am obsessed with and Emily Knight I am...Becoming is out in 2020. I spoke to producers and I finally understand this whole film adapti

...but my hair was in such a state that I couldn't do it to myself.

Next week we will be in 2020. How crazy is that? I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Mine was good. I got stuck doing the cooking again! But there was no arguing so a success! It's always so strange that gap between Christmas and New Years because I feel like there's all this stuff I want to do before the year is up and yet just chilling out has been the best. This break has been so overdue and I am really loving just moving at this glacier speed. I told myself I would have finished my new book by the end of the year...yeah I love how ambitious I am! I haven't worked on it since I've had my break. I just clocked this morning that my third book is out in just over 9 months. Why that gives me anxiety I have no idea! I am debating whether to have a book launch party. I just don't know if I can be asked to organise it. Next year is already looking full on. Grrrr I just need another me really. I was thinking about my highlights for the year and one of them was de

I do look back and think how did I do all this dancing?? No wonder I was so skinny.

It is so freakin' cold! My feet are literally frozen even when I'm in my house. As soon as the heating goes off, I feel like they're ice blocks. Well guys we're almost at the end of the year. The end of a decade. I swear if I told myself back in 2010 that this is what would happen to my life I legit would have said, “Are you on crack?” But look at God! And I can't wait for next year. My third book is coming out and I just can't wait to hold it. I was doing some more edits on it yesterday and I am determined to get through it before the year is up. In preparation for book 3 I was thinking about the original Emily book and I decided it's time to let that go. I adore my first cover by Giles but the second edition is the one I need to focus on, plus I was still using the ebook from the original. I'm so grateful for that book cause that literally started everything but it just makes more sense for it to be under Hashtag. An ebook for book 1 will be availab