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life of a children's author

That should really be the new title because so much has been happening lately. My book has been advertised on lots of writing sites and is available globally. I know right!! I did my first school tour a couple of weeks ago on Roald Dahl Day at Globe Academy. See this is the thing about me, give me a room of hundreds of kids to teach dance too and it's a breeze, but a room with that many kids talking about my book. Oh dear. I got an email the night before the visit asking me to come, which was great but what the hell was I going to wear? My mum said NO CONVERSE. I barely own any other foot wear for goodness sake. I wanted to look smart but still me, so I ended up wearing a colourful printed dress, black blazer and brogues. I assumed it would be a class visit but I got there and they told me it was the school assembly. I almost died. Luckily it went well. The teachers were all dressed as characters of Roald Dahls - I liked the Oompa Loompa costumes best. I got to tell them about my b