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Mz Bratt job

So I'm going to bed and I get text from my choreographer asking me if I wanted to do a music video casting for Mz Bratt. She's a new UK MC. For once, I was on paid holiday from work so I could do it. This was my first ever casting so me being me, went to bed stressing about what to wear and being overly thankful to God that my hair had been done already. I woke up an hour early trying to think of ways to dress boldly. If you know me, you know I'm already a funky girl who loves her colours- that's how nervous I was! The casting was in Fulham Broadway. I spotted a dancer as soon as I got off the train (you can always spot your own kind!) and followed her at a distance to the venue. There wasn't alot of people, which was good. There was a few people I recognised. A guy came out taking people in three's to a room. The nerves kicked in so I had to pee. Of course when I came back they guy was already playing the music we would be dancing too so I caught the last 10 s